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You will find good grammar in different formats (pdf, Canva, Coogle, videos), auxiliary verbs, regular and irregular verbs and differences between words (adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, ...).

Click to learn and practice a lot of grammar.

Verb tenses infographics

Click to have diagrams of the verb tenses and their uses.

English Grammar Exercise

This free English learning resource is designed to help you improve your English.

English Grammar Exercise is a complete guide to English grammar and usage with detailed explanations and examples for each so you can use it to practice grammar, understand the grammar rules, exercise on line and improve your English!

You will find video lessons, grammar exercises, podcasts, games, listening, songs, phonetics, reading, vocabulary, audio stories,...

On this web page you can find grammar (explanations and exercises), vocabulary (explanation and exercises), worksheets, tests, exams, games, dictionaries,... in different levels.

There are a lot of sections and levels to learn and practice English: grammar, exercises, vocabulary, games, films, podcasts, readings,... The problem is that this web page is in Spanish.

Grammar in videos.

The videos are in English.

In the grammar and vocabulary areas, you will find exercises, explanations and word lists. In the writing area, it tells you how to write English texts. The study tips help you to learn English more effectively and with more fun. And if you want to do one exercise every day, try out the Daily English lessons.

You can also find literature, interesting texts on English speaking countries, games and riddles,...

In this section you may find exercises and activities of your interest. Some are based on authentic material: news, student writings, pages from the web, etc,. You are welcome to save or print and use them as well.

Learn English online with these free lessons. This web page provides lessons, exercises, vocabulary, readings, listenings and speaking and much more. Check them out!

1500+ Quality ESL (English as a Second Language) grammar, worksheets and videos from A-Z

You will see that there are different sections (vocabulary, grammar, etc.) which will be very useful for you to improve in any of the language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The only problem is that this web page is in Spanish. You can also find vocabulary, exercises, training, exams, PDF zone,...

Comprehensive guide to all areas of English grammar with exercises, tests, vocabulary, listenings, grammar videos,...

If you have some problems with the English language, this is a web page in Spanish with grammar, vocabulary, exercises, tricks and tips, curiosities,...

Grammar point index. Each point contains its explanation in Spanish and worksheets to print with their answers. It also includes interactive exercises.

Beginner Level.- Here is the most basic grammar.

Basic and complete grammar.

English notes in Spanish that help you with any grammar

Six minute grammar (basic & intermediate) and grammar reference (basic, intermediate, upper-intermediate & advanced).

A contemporary English grammar with clearly explained grammar rules and plenty of examples to help you understand the main points and difficulties of spoken and written English.


In these links you can conjugate any English verb in all its verb tenses, as well as its translation

In these links you can learn or revise verb tenses.

* Learn all 12 tenses under 5 minutes.- Tenses chart (present, past, future / simple, continuous, perfect).

(You can also watch it on YouTube)

* Learn All Tenses Easily in 30 Minutes.- Present, past, future / simple, continuous, perfect.

(You can also watch it on YouTube)

* Master All Tenses in 30 Minutes.- Verb Tenses Chart with Useful Rules & Examples

(You can also watch it on YouTube)

* Learn ALL Verb Tenses.- Past, Present, Future with examples.

(You can also watch it on YouTube)

* Educación 3.0.- Multidisciplinary resources for students to practice verbs in English.

* Papora.- Infographic to learn English verb tenses.